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Setup Flash CMS Bundle

Setup Flash CMS Bundle



After successfully installation of the package on your server navigate to SCMS3 in your browser, login and start the application "Settings". The first screen will show you on the left the most important php.ini settings. Please note that there are information abpout the maximal possible uploading file size.



Please go to the FAQ section to read more about manipulating php settings.


Setup a new user


Generally user can have three individuell presets: starting directory, application list and usergroup.

You can use in the current version the usergroups "admin" and "guest". Admins can do everthing including manage user accounts (if they have acces to the Settings application), uploading or creating and saving php files. Guest accounts are restricted. They cannot handle with php files for security reasons and they cannot save changed setup files or new user accounts. They also cannot change their own user account.


To create a new user account do some things before clicking the user button.

First decide which applications the new user should be able to start. To realize that open the XMLEditor and open the file "applist.xml" in the applications root directory. Change this file to your needs. The default version contains all applications, you just have to delete the application nodes which contains applications the user should not be able to use. See the screenshot below:




After finishing this work, save the new application list with a new name in the root of the application directory (if writeable) or in the folder "tmp" (this is writeable by default).


Secondly decide if the user should have his own directory to work in. If so, open the FileManager and create a user directory. The new user will have only access to this directory and all subfolders as well as the 'shared' folder.


Now change back to the Settings application and click the 'User+' button in the main menu bar. A new icon appears.




Select the new user to have access to the settings.

Input a new name and a password. Create a secure password and write it down. Passwords will be saved md5 encrypted, so you can never discover a forgotton password.

Then click the folder symbol near 'Application List'. The file browser pops up and you can select the application list file you created for this user.

Next step is to select the start directory. Click the corresponding folder symbol and select the directory for this user in the file browser.

Last is to decide which user group the new user is member of. Select one from the dropdown box.

Save the user file and you are ready. Send the new user an email with url, username and password.



To do all that work it is necessary, to have an admin account which have access to the root directory of your SCMS3 application directory. If you have used the installation script that is part of the package this will be the default setting.


Free download

Get the Creative3X flash template system for free! Read this article and download your free copy.  

SCMS3X Template

The last step is nearly finished. SCMS3X Template and backend will be ready for download in a few days. Have a sneak preview here: The backend can be tested too. Please leave feedback via mail form.


XMLEditor Part of the Bundle

Since now the XMLEditor ist part of the SCMS3 Flash bundle. Beyond that we have made some changes in the FileManager. A direct download button is added to the file icons. SOme bugs are fixed.  

XMLEditor released

Another application is added to the SCMS3 flash content management suite: The XMLEditor is now online. With many features and a graphical GUI you are able to edit XML files with highest comfort. See the preview here.  

FileManager Updated

Today an update of the FileManager package is released. For more security a logout button is added and passwords are md5 encrypted. Additionally the SettingsManager is part of the package for easy user setup.