Start Tutorials How to Customize SCMS3 - Part1
How to Customize SCMS3 - Part1

How to Customize SCMS3 - Part1


If you like to change anything in the SCMS3 modules, e.g. graphics, functionality or layout please refer to following points (that are not covered in the documentation).

1. Customizing ApplicationLauncher The AppLauncher launches all applications listed in the user specified applist (e.g. applist.xml). If you open the applicationLauncher.fla in flash and publish it you will get several error messages. This happens because SCMS3 needs the php browser environment. In the head section of you will find the variable definitions and there:
65 private var _phpBase:String     = "";

Very important is the absolute url to your application directory. But note that this settings takes only affect in case of publishing it in Flash! There is no need to change this variable for the online version. Change this to the absolute path of your local development bin directory. To get the system running you must comment out some lines:


83 // start commenting if you must recompile and test in flash ide
84 // investigate absolute path to php
86 /*
87 var domain:String = loaderInfo.loaderURL;
88 var tmp:Array = domain.split("applicationLauncher.swf");
89 _phpBase = tmp[0];
90 */
91 // end comment in case of debugging or testing

In this code section SCMS3 will normally detect the absolute URL by itself to set all path's in the right way. For debugging or recompiling you must comment this lines but remember to remove the comment and publish again for the live system on your server. After this to steps you can publish the ApplicationLauncher and login as usual to test your customized application.

2. Customizing Modules All modules shares a variable

// if this app is launched by application loader all settings will be made by him
private var _phpFile:String = "";

As written in the comment the modules will get this url and the file name by reference from the applicationLauncher. If you wan't to test, change and publish the module you must change this line as described in chapter 1. Additionally you must comment out some lines in the modules php file. To increase security SCMS3 starts a php session during login. This session is checked always SCMS3 or any other process accesses the php files. If you test the module without logging in there will be no valid php session so the process is cancelled. Please open the php file of the module (csseditor.php, texteditor.php or filemanager.php) and comment following lines:

13  if(!$_SESSION[....
.. {
.. ...some php code
.. exit();
20 }

Remeber to uncomment this lines if you upload this script to your server.


Free download

Get the Creative3X flash template system for free! Read this article and download your free copy.  

SCMS3X Template

The last step is nearly finished. SCMS3X Template and backend will be ready for download in a few days. Have a sneak preview here: The backend can be tested too. Please leave feedback via mail form.


XMLEditor Part of the Bundle

Since now the XMLEditor ist part of the SCMS3 Flash bundle. Beyond that we have made some changes in the FileManager. A direct download button is added to the file icons. SOme bugs are fixed.  

XMLEditor released

Another application is added to the SCMS3 flash content management suite: The XMLEditor is now online. With many features and a graphical GUI you are able to edit XML files with highest comfort. See the preview here.  

FileManager Updated

Today an update of the FileManager package is released. For more security a logout button is added and passwords are md5 encrypted. Additionally the SettingsManager is part of the package for easy user setup.