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Why sometimes is SCMS3 so slow

Why sometimes is SCMS3 so slow

1. Generally

Some users mentioned that SCMS3 is so slow. Means reading of directories and opening files in MultiTextEditor takes to much time. We spend a lot of time to invastigate this issue.
The reason is simple: some providers runs php as cgi and not as module. This has advantages for the provider but not for the user because php as cgi is slowly - for every request apache must reload the php process.


2. MultiTextEditor

The MultiTextEditor is a very complex application. Commonly you shouldn't notice a performance problem. On older machines or on apple machines it is possible that the reaction of the flash plugin on keystrokes is a little bit slower.


We work permanently on optimizing the code. We test the application on older machines and on an old apple (OS 10.4) machine too. Please stay tuned for updates.


Free download

Get the Creative3X flash template system for free! Read this article and download your free copy.  

SCMS3X Template

The last step is nearly finished. SCMS3X Template and backend will be ready for download in a few days. Have a sneak preview here: The backend can be tested too. Please leave feedback via mail form.


XMLEditor Part of the Bundle

Since now the XMLEditor ist part of the SCMS3 Flash bundle. Beyond that we have made some changes in the FileManager. A direct download button is added to the file icons. SOme bugs are fixed.  

XMLEditor released

Another application is added to the SCMS3 flash content management suite: The XMLEditor is now online. With many features and a graphical GUI you are able to edit XML files with highest comfort. See the preview here.  

FileManager Updated

Today an update of the FileManager package is released. For more security a logout button is added and passwords are md5 encrypted. Additionally the SettingsManager is part of the package for easy user setup.