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I can't upload big files

I can't upload big files

Uploading file size is restricted by several php settings. In particular

post_max_size (default 8mb)
upload_max_filesize (default 2mb)


upload_max_filesize indicates the maximum size for files to upload. post_max_size is the maximum value for post data. To get rid of any problems you must change this in php.ini to a value bigger than upload_max_filesize and upload_max_filesize to the value you need for uploads. memory_limit should be bigger than post_max_size.


You can change this in three different ways:


1. Adding values to .htaccess

Create a blank textfile (ASCII) and put in two lines of code:

php_value upload_max_filesize 30M
php_value post_max_size 30M

Upload this file to your application directory.


2. Custom php.ini

Make a copy of the original php.ini (maybe contact your service provider to get one). Change all settings to your needs. Copy this php.ini to your application directory.

To test the new settings create a file named phpinfo.php with this content:

   $s = ob_get_contents();

   if (!preg_match('/(php.ini).*>([^>]*php.ini)/i', $s, $match))
       die("Oops! php.ini not found");

   header('Content-type: text/plain');
   if (preg_match('/win/i', PHP_OS))
system('type '.$match[1]);
       system('cat '.$match[1]);

Upload it to your server and point the browser to this file.


3. Changing servers php.ini

If you don't have access to your servers php.ini contact your service provider to do that for you.


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