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CreativeX template and CMS

freeThe SCMS3X creativex template is a modular flash template completely driven by xml files. It is a one page design with a one level css styled menu. The site uses deep linking to navigate through the content. Visitors can use the back and forward buttons of the browser or can bookmark all kinds of content (except single images in the galleries).

The free download package contains all necessary files to install the template on your website (See readme.txt in the archive). Sources and CMS are not included. To get the complete package with all sources and documentation please do following:


1. Purchase the Flash CMS Bundle!
2. Send me a mail via my activeden profile page so I can see that you are my customer.
3. I will send you a complete fresh archive with all files including all sources and the SCMS3X template managing sytem.


Download now for free!

After that you will have the following package:


CreativeX package contains a complete flash CMS to manage all content, layout and files. Editors for all kind off files are included. Most of the modules have their own editor form to create and edit content modules. It is possible to create a complete new template in the backend with a graphical user interface.

There are 11 modules to style the template or display the content. The included font file contains two fonts with support for western European languages (English, German, French etc.)

SCMS3X template system is SEO and mobile friendly. All articles can be exported to html. The index.php contains links to all html files. Search engines will index this files, visitors with mobile devices without flash support will see the links and can visit this pages.


  • xml driven
  • css styles
  • embedded fonts
  • deep linking
  • seo
  • mobile html pages
  • complete flash cms
  • 11 modules
  • 14 pages documentation

    Content Modules


    Displays articles or other modules in columns and rows with small images. Articles can be shortened with a read more link



    Displays articles in a horizontal slider with images.



    Only the preview images of articles will be displayed in rows and columns



    Contact form swf module. You can create any kind of formular with the form editor. All data will be send as utf-8 text to a specified email adress



    The gallery module displays images (jpg/gif/png/swf) or thumbnails in columns and/or rows. User can see the images in fullscreen mode or browse through the gallery. The backend includes a thumbnail generator and a visual gallery editor



    Displays a number of images as slideshow and an info text



    Simple image container to display an image or swf everywhere on the page



    The main menu module. It is a one level vertical menu, css styled with embedded fonts. Menues can be created with the backend menu editor, the layout can be edited with the included XMLEditor and CSSEditor



    Horizontal on level menu. CSS Styled with embedded fonts. Can be placed everywhere (not only at the bottom of the page). Based on the CSSMenu but can display additionally a logo or image.

    Preview all in action



    See the template here.


    Backend CMS

    Test the CMS here.


    Login to the backend with:
    username : demo
    password : demo

    Template Modules



    A fullscreen button that can be placed everywhere on your page.



    Background sound module with playlist and repeat function. Visitor can mute the sound



    Create and edit categories, articles and menus. Create and design new blog, news or imageblog aliases with graphical user interfaces. There you can make dozens of settings without care about complex xml files. SCMS3X will do everything for you.


    See some screenshots below:

    Download now for free!


    Free download

    Get the Creative3X flash template system for free! Read this article and download your free copy.  

    SCMS3X Template

    The last step is nearly finished. SCMS3X Template and backend will be ready for download in a few days. Have a sneak preview here: The backend can be tested too. Please leave feedback via mail form.


    XMLEditor Part of the Bundle

    Since now the XMLEditor ist part of the SCMS3 Flash bundle. Beyond that we have made some changes in the FileManager. A direct download button is added to the file icons. SOme bugs are fixed.  

    XMLEditor released

    Another application is added to the SCMS3 flash content management suite: The XMLEditor is now online. With many features and a graphical GUI you are able to edit XML files with highest comfort. See the preview here.  

    FileManager Updated

    Today an update of the FileManager package is released. For more security a logout button is added and passwords are md5 encrypted. Additionally the SettingsManager is part of the package for easy user setup.